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February 6, 2013

Picture 1Hubby often laughs at me and my recipes, for many reasons!

1) I often am missing an ingredient when following a recipe

2) I forget to add an ingredient while mixing. Yes – do this even when I follow recipes :)

3) I don’t measure all the time. More of a guessing game! :)

4) I sometimes forget to set the timer and look at the clock. Timing often becomes a game! :)

OK, my list could go on and on and on but I will stop with 4!

This weekend, I was looking through my Paleo Indulgence and was excited that I had all the ingredients on hand to make her Macadamia-Date Macaroons.

Well — OOPS! Not really! I had to alter the recipe, some, because I had unsweetened shredded coconut not coconut flakes like the recipe called for and I had macadamia pieces. Oh well!

To frustrate my hubby, totally on accident, I did not measure out the recipe! Just guesses here and there! Have you done that before? That is my way of baking/cooking! :) THANKFULLY this kind of recipe allows for that, sort of!, and my macaroons came out A-O-K! :)

Picture 1Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Macaroons

The Ingredients:

8 dates (I used about 10 because mine were harder and not fresh)
3/4 cup or so of unsweetened shredded coconut
3/4 cup of macadamias, roasted and chopped (how I bought mine)
about TBSP of local Honey
1 egg
The Directions:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Add all ingredients into a food processor. Pulse until coarse chop. (I did not, at first! oops!)

Use cookie scoop and scoop out dough balls.

Bake for 15 minutes, until golden brown.



I’d love to hear your baking stories and experiences!!!

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