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Bacon Wrapped Tilapia

January 16, 2014

Our baby is a difficult eater. He eats sometimes and eats nothing the next time… One thing that he LOVES is fish! He eats all his plate and always asks for more!!! THANKFUL! :)

Baby turned 2 on Monday and of course we had to have his favorite, Bacon Wrapped Tilapia!
Picture 4The Ingredients:


The Directions:

Warm up cast iron pan on medium-high. Season with Coconut Oil and melt. Move the coconut oil around the pan getting all the edges.

While pan is heating wrap bacon around the tilapia.

Once pan is hot add the bacon wrapped tilapia to pan. Cook the first side for a couple of minutes or until bacon is crispy and then flip.

If needed, broil tilapia in the oven to ensure inside is cook!


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